Don't pull the whole plant when picking chives, this little trick makes the chives grow continuously





Don't pull the whole plant when picking chives, this little trick makes the chives grow continuously!

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"Scallions are a commonly used seasoning in our daily cooking, beloved for their rich aroma and unique taste, and are basically used to garnish most dishes with a sprinkle of chopped green onions."

"Scallions have very low requirements for planting pots and can grow in any size pot. Most vegetable enthusiasts in the PanMimi vegetable growing group grow some scallions, and they can be planted all year round."

"However, it takes time for the delicate scallions to grow, and many people make a mistake when harvesting them – they pull out the whole plant. This method is not only detrimental to the continued growth of the scallions."

"In this article, PanMimi shares how to harvest scallions without pulling out the whole plant, but instead leaving two or three roots in the soil to allow the scallions to grow continuously!"

"Why leave two or three roots in the soil"

"Scallions are a perennial plant that thrives in soil with good sunlight and drainage. When harvesting scallions, many people pull out the whole plant, which is convenient and quick but very unfavorable for the continued growth of the scallions."

"Scallions store nutrients in their underground bulbs and use these nutrients for new growth. When we pull out the whole plant, it weakens the plant's growth power and stored nutrients, affecting its regenerative ability."

"What are the benefits of leaving some roots"

"Firstly, leaving some roots can promote the regeneration of scallions."

"By keeping the scallion roots intact, the remaining roots can provide nutrients and support for the growth of new leaves and bulbs, thus promoting the regeneration of scallions. In this way, we can continuously harvest fresh scallion leaves and bulbs and enjoy their deliciousness."

"Secondly, leaving some roots allows the scallions to continue growing."

"The bulbs of scallions can gradually enlarge. If we leave some roots in the soil, the scallions will be able to continuously absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil and continue to grow. This way, we can harvest fresh scallions whenever needed, without waiting for a new round of planting."

"At the same time, the organic matter released by the scallion roots is also beneficial to soil microbial activity and nutrient cycling. In this way, we can maintain soil health and provide a good growth environment for scallions."

"Strong tillering ability"

"The most important thing is the tillering ability of scallions."

"Tillering refers to the process by which a plant produces lateral branches or new buds from underground or near-ground stem nodes. For scallions, their developed but shallowly distributed root system helps them to tiller."

"Because of this tillering ability of scallions, when we harvest, we can selectively cut off some of the leaves, leaving the roots and some of the stems, so that the scallions can continue to grow and produce new tillers. In this way, continuous planting and increased yield of scallions can be achieved."

"That is to say, as long as the roots are left, they can continue to grow new leaves, achieving the effect of growing more and more. Of course, fertilization and water supply still need to be kept up."

"Are scallions growing thinner and thinner?"

"In PanMimi's previous article 'Why Are the Scallions on the Balcony Growing Thinner and Thinner?', it is mentioned that scallions can be propagated, and the more they are propagated, the larger they become. Therefore, when planting, we need to break them into small pieces for planting, so that scallions will become more and more divided."

"From planting scallion seeds, the scallions will be very thin at first and require some patience to wait for them to grow thicker. If you want to eat scallions quickly, you can directly plant using scallion roots, similar to the method introduced in PanMimi's previous article '【Planting Secrets】Planting Leeks with Leek Roots, Quickly Harvesting Delicacies! Plant Once and Harvest for Several Years, Leek Pot Planting Method', which allows for quick harvesting."





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